iPhoto 6 says To Rebuild Thumbnail Cache

“I have just upgrade my iphoto library. After the update I restarted the iphone and when I try to thumbail the iphoto library photos then can not do that. I have tried many times to solve the problem but I can't. So please solve my problem immadiately”

When you click on thumbnail in your iphoto application to preview the image then it take few seconds and the it shows wrong image. It happens due to problem in thumbnail cache so you can solve the problem after rebuilding the thumbnail cache. This types of problem occurs after the os update, unexpectedly iphoto close , iphoto update etc. you can solve this problem after doing manual steps.

Rebuild The iphoto Library

iphoto application also provides you the option to rebuild and import entire images from iphoto library. Here is some guidelines to rebuild your library :

1. Close the iphoto application in mac system.

2. Now press the command and option keys on your keyboard.

3. Open iphoto in your mac system.

4. Keep holding the both keys until prompted to rebuild the library.

5. When a dialog box will open which keeps lots of rebuild option . Here you can select the option according to your requirement.

6. Then finally click on rebuild option to start the rebuilding process.

After using these steps your can easily recover data and solve the rebuild and import entire images from iMovie. But some times the above steps can not rebuild your library. So in this situation you can recover your iphoto library data with the help of time machine application. It's very simple to recover data from time machine backup file. Open the time machine and then select the latest backup file of iphoto library. Then click on "Restore" to restore you iphoto library data. But if you have not recovered your complete iphoto library data so it may the severe data loss situation. So in this case try the third party tool, iphoto library recovery tool. It and can recover data from damaged and unreadable iphoto library. This recovery tool is compatible with all versions of Mac operating system and provide you very easy and user friendly interface because it is made by well skilled expertise that's why it takes deep scanning and searching of entire iPhoto library. It also recover iphoto library on Mac after it displays you errors because of corruption etc. So, just use iPhoto Library Recovery software.