iphoto library not showing up in imovie

As you know imovie is a video editing application developed by apple which is used in mac and ios devices like iphone, ipad, ipod. Using this application you can change your home made video into a film. when your iphoto is not appear after the update then this tool will help you to reslove this problem. So here you can also edit your iphoto video and for this in imovie you have to open the iphoto video file in imovie but due to ios update, iphoto update or some setting problems.

To import the iphoto videos in imovie just go to advanced importing setting in iphoto and select the “copy items to the iphoto library”. After changing this setting you cansolve your iphoto permission issues problem and easily import your iphoto movie in imovie library.

Sometime it happens that after changing the setting you can not solve your problem. some video files show in your iphoto library but you can see the same video when you open the iphoto library through imovie then behind this problem it may be reason that some video file formats is not supported in imovie. In this situation you have to check you video format. Imovie can't read all video or audio, it supports only mp4, mov, dv mpeg-1, 3gp, m4v, MP3,WAV, AIFF files. But it does not compatible with ASF, AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, SWF, RM, RMVB, MPEG-2, VOB , TOD and high definition video files.

So if your iphoto video file is compatible with the imovie and even if you can not import it then it may be some severe problem for this reinstall your iphoto and imovie application but before it keeps a backup file of your iphoto library data and then reinstall it. After this hope that you can successfully import you iphoto library videos into imovie. But if rare case you are unable to import your iphoto library video then your iphoto library must be corrupted or become inaccessible. So to solve this problem you should take help of third party tool, iphoto library recovery tool. This tool can repair or rebuild your iphoto library and its video files easily. .