The library is not compatible with iphoto after upgrade

As you know iphoto is an photo management tool which comes inbuilt with all mac operating system, developed by apple. Apple provides update time-to-time for this application. but sometimes when you update the iphoto and after the update when try to open the iphoto then it shows the error message “iphoto library is compatible”. To solve the problem you have to repair and rebuild iphoto library, then you can easily solve your problem.

How To Rebuild The iphoto Library ?

iphoto also has a feature which allows you to rebuild the iphoto library. Rebuilding a new iphoto library can resolve your problem. .But before rebuilding the new iphoto library you should backup your all iphoto library data. This backup file allows you to restore your iphoto library data if anything unexpected happens during the rebuilding process which prevents you from rebuilding correctly. Before the rebuilding iphoto library you must update your iphoto application. Sometimes it happens that this updates resolves your problem and sometimes unable to recover the data from iphotolibrary .

Steps To Rebuild iphoto Library :

iphoto application also provides you the option to rebuild your corrupted and inaccessible iphoto library.It rebuild and recover the iphoto library if your iphoto library does not appear after the update Here is some guidelines to rebuild your library :

1. In your mac system close the iphoto application..

2. Now press the command and option keys on your keyboard.

3. Open the iphoto application.

4. Keep holding the command and option key from the keyboard.

5. After few seconds a dialog box will open with the lots of rebuilding option. Here you can choose the option as your requirement.

6. Now finally click on “Rebuild” options to start the rebuilding process. This process will take few minutes to complete the process.

Above steps will successfully rebuild your iphoto library and then you access your complete iphoto library. But even if your are facing problem and you can not access the library data then try the third party tool, iphoto library tool.If your iphoto library crashed during the image import then it can recover you lost images quickly. It recovers your iphoto library items from mac trash also. This application is very simple and interactive that can be used by a technically unskilled person.